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Connect Your Intentions

Updated: Jan 30, 2021

The Citation Initiative expands structurally by being intentional about course connections. We encourage faculty groups to purposefully create a shared unit course that draws out tensions and contrasts, compels the consideration of multiple angles, and expands the conversation beyond the syllabus and the course onto a social and intellectual plane.

We believe interdisciplinary conversations about the nature of citation practice and what it means for disciplinary knowledge will spark increasingly innovative inquiry from our students and ourselves.

You may be in collaboration with several different groups. Groups are defined by the semester/quarter that they will teach their unit and the concept around which the unit is structured. Groups may be composed of faculty from different or same institutions. The collaborative unit should be taught in the same semester by all group members.

You may start a group yourself and wait for others to join, or you can sign up as an already-created group.

Once a group finalizes its collaborative membership and agrees upon a teaching semester/quarter, its members will meet independently to coordinate readings, activities, outcomes, and assignments as needed. These materials will be made available on this site.

All groups generally invite their students (and others interested) to the Annual Roundtable hosted by The Citation Initiative (webinar).

We encourage you to reach out and be in structural collaboration.


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